Push BYCEPS ticket sale stats to Discord (as channel name)
7fc5b030 — Jochen Kupperschmidt 7 months ago
Release version 0.5.1
e87e9972 — Jochen Kupperschmidt 7 months ago
Update Docker base images to Rust version 1.73.0
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Adjust configuration test



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Push BYCEPS Ticket Sale Stats to Discord

A tool to fetch ticket sale stats for a specific LAN party from a BYCEPS installation and show that as the name of a channel on Discord.

A Discord voice channel can be used for this purpose. After removing the relevant access permissions for non-admin server users, it cannot be joined and a lock is shown as its icon. This turns it into a small text display.

The API of the BYCEPS installation has to be enabled and an API token has to be configured and made available for the client.

If an interval is configured, the tool runs contiuously; otherwise it exits after one channel update.


Create a configuration file based off of config_example.toml.

Run the program, pointing to it:

$ push-byceps-stats-to-discord --config config.toml


Both a Dockerfile and a compose.yaml are included to support running the applicaation with Docker and Docker Compose.

Be sure to provide a configuration file named config.toml (and configure an interval) to avoid issues.


This application is licensed under the MIT license.