List orga teams on the OrgaTalk Discord server
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#OrgaTalk Discord Orga Teams

List orga teams on the OrgaTalk community's Discord server.

The OrgaTalk Discord community uses roles to tag members with the LAN party organizer teams they are part of. This tool exports those to a static HTML file for display on the web.

Since the role assignments change over time, it makes sense to regularly run the tool to update the HTML export. For this purpose, a cronjob is commonly used.


To get an overview of the available options, use the --help option:

$ orgatalk-discord-orgateams --help

#Configuration File

A configuration file is required. Create a custom one based off of the included config-example.toml. It uses the TOML format.

The roles_excluded property expects a list of role names to exclude from the output. This can be roles only given to bots or, in the case of the OrgaTalk community, anything that does not represent an organizer role.

Then run the program, specifying it:

$ orgatalk-discord-orgateams --config=your-config.toml


The output will be written to standard output (stdout). To write the output to a file, specify the --output option:

$ orgatalk-discord-orgateams --config=your-config.toml --output=output.html

By default, the output format is HTML. Alternatively, it can be plain text …

$ orgatalk-discord-orgateams --config=your-config.toml --format=text

… or JSON:

$ orgatalk-discord-orgateams --config=your-config.toml --format=json

#Import Roles From File

Instead of fetching roles from the Discord API on every invocation, they can be read from a local JSON file:

$ orgatalk-discord-orgateams --config=your-config.toml --roles-input=roles.json

That expects the roles to first be exported like this:

$ orgatalk-discord-orgateams --config=your-config.toml --format=json --output=roles.json

This avoids unnecessary requests to the Discord API and, thus, speeds up the program. It is helpful during development and customization of the HTML and text templates.


This program is licensed under the MIT license.


Jochen Kupperschmidt