ref: 533662eefb314d54b168e5a46bc07c88b5f88be4 byceps/byceps/blueprints/api/v1/user_avatar/views.py -rw-r--r-- 1.5 KiB
533662ee — Jochen Kupperschmidt 4 months ago
Use Flask v2.0's `delete`/`get`/`patch`/`post` route shortcuts
48ce2c6c — Jochen Kupperschmidt 7 months ago
Clarify names of packages, modules with database models
3d7b49f0 — Jochen Kupperschmidt 8 months ago
Update copyright notes for 2021
0b51dd42 — Jochen Kupperschmidt 10 months ago
Refer to license as "Revised BSD" to clarify that it is not customized

The common name "Modified BSD License" for the 3-clause BSD license can
be misleading as it might suggest it is a BSD license customized by the
project author.

To avoid this, refer to the license under one of its other names
e4556334 — Jochen Kupperschmidt 1 year, 5 months ago
Revert "Use `Maybe` return type for user avatars, user badges"

This reverts commit e85d7e28b041219bc33b19743d04de458839b2ee.
e85d7e28 — Jochen Kupperschmidt 1 year, 6 months ago
Use `Maybe` return type for user avatars, user badges
76da13cb — Jochen Kupperschmidt 1 year, 6 months ago
Add Gravatar.com-like API endpoint to obtain user avatar for MD5 hash of user's email address