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Announce board topic, posting creation on Discord
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Announce board events on Discord via its webhooks API.

:Copyright: 2006-2020 Jochen Kupperschmidt
:License: Modified BSD, see LICENSE for details.

from flask import current_app
import requests

from ...blueprints.board import signals
from ...events.board import BoardPostingCreated, BoardTopicCreated
from ...services.board import (
    posting_query_service as board_posting_query_service,
    topic_query_service as board_topic_query_service,
from ...services.brand import settings_service as brand_settings_service
from ...services.user import service as user_service
from ...util.jobqueue import enqueue

# This is a pretty basic implementation that only supports a single
# webhook and that fetches its configuration from a brand's setting.
# For now, some customization is necessary to post announcements
# (especially for different brands, or even different parties) to
# different webhooks (i.e. effectively Discord channels).


def send_message(text: str) -> None:
    """Send text to the webhook API.

    The endpoint URL already includes the target channel.
    if not _is_enabled():
        current_app.logger.warning('Announcements on Discord are disabled.')

    url = _get_webhook_url()
    if not url:
            'No webhook URL configured for announcements on Discord.'

    data = {'content': text}

    requests.post(url, json=data)  # Ignore response code for now.

def _is_enabled() -> bool:
    """Return `true' if announcements on Discord are enabled."""
    value = brand_settings_service.find_setting_value(
        BRAND_ID, 'announce_discord_enabled'
    return value == 'true'

def _get_webhook_url() -> str:
    """Return the configured webhook URL."""
    return brand_settings_service.find_setting_value(
        BRAND_ID, 'announce_discord_webhook_url'

# board events

# Note: URLs are wrapped in `<…>` because that prevents
#       preview embedding on Discord.

def _on_board_topic_created(sender, *, event: BoardTopicCreated = None) -> None:
    enqueue(announce_board_topic_created, event)

def announce_board_topic_created(event: BoardTopicCreated) -> None:
    """Announce that someone has created a board topic."""
    topic = board_topic_query_service.find_topic_by_id(event.topic_id)
    topic_creator = user_service.find_user(topic.creator_id)

    text = (
        f'[Forum] {topic_creator.screen_name} hat '
        f'das Thema "{topic.title}" erstellt: <{event.url}>'


def _on_board_posting_created(
    sender, *, event: BoardPostingCreated = None
) -> None:
    enqueue(announce_board_posting_created, event)

def announce_board_posting_created(event: BoardPostingCreated) -> None:
    """Announce that someone has created a board posting."""
    posting = board_posting_query_service.find_posting_by_id(event.posting_id)
    posting_creator = user_service.find_user(posting.creator_id)

    # Ignore selected topics.
    if str(posting.topic_id) in {
        #'1ef52ab6-ed7c-46d8-90c9-e2d4675c0634',  # example

    text = (
        f'[Forum] {posting_creator.screen_name} hat '
        f'auf das Thema "{posting.topic.title}" geantwortet: <{event.url}>'


M byceps/application.py => byceps/application.py +1 -0
@@ 305,6 305,7 @@ def _load_announce_signal_handlers() -> None:
    """Import modules containing handlers so they connect to the
    corresponding signals.
    from .announce import discord
    from .announce.irc import (