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Collect users associated with seats and tickets in one go, make them available to the template
1 files changed, 27 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M byceps/blueprints/seating/views.py
M byceps/blueprints/seating/views.py => byceps/blueprints/seating/views.py +27 -1
@@ 6,7 6,7 @@ byceps.blueprints.seating.views
:License: Modified BSD, see LICENSE for details.

from typing import Optional
from typing import Dict, Optional, Sequence

from flask import abort, g, request

@@ 16,6 16,9 @@ from ...services.seating.models.seat import Seat, SeatID
from ...services.seating import seat_service
from ...services.ticketing.models.ticket import Ticket, TicketID
from ...services.ticketing import ticket_service
from ...services.user.models.user import UserTuple
from ...services.user import service as user_service
from ...typing import UserID
from ...util.framework.blueprint import create_blueprint
from ...util.framework.flash import flash_error, flash_success
from ...util.framework.templating import templated

@@ 47,6 50,8 @@ def view_area(slug):
    seat_management_enabled = get_seat_management_enabled()
    ticket_management_enabled = get_ticket_management_enabled()

    seats = []

    if ticket_management_enabled:
        tickets = ticket_service.find_tickets_for_seat_manager(
            g.current_user.id, g.party_id)

@@ 55,12 60,16 @@ def view_area(slug):

    current_ticket_id = _find_current_ticket_id()

    users_by_id = _get_users(seats, tickets)

    return {
        'area': area,
        'seat_management_enabled': seat_management_enabled,
        'ticket_management_enabled': ticket_management_enabled,
        'seats': seats,
        'tickets': tickets,
        'current_ticket_id': current_ticket_id,
        'users_by_id': users_by_id,

@@ 84,6 93,23 @@ def _find_current_ticket_id() -> Optional[TicketID]:
    return ticket.id

def _get_users(seats: Sequence[Seat], tickets: Sequence[Ticket]
              ) -> Dict[UserID, UserTuple]:
    user_ids = set()

    for seat in seats:
        if seat.has_user:

    for ticket in tickets:
        user_id = ticket.used_by_id
        if user_id is not None:

    users = user_service.find_users(user_ids)
    return user_service.index_users_by_id(users)

@blueprint.route('/ticket/<uuid:ticket_id>/seat/<uuid:seat_id>', methods=['POST'])
def occupy_seat(ticket_id, seat_id):