1612a1f878c70591ae709a372d05e2ca7dfe46c9 — Jochen Kupperschmidt a month ago 15032ed
Use `pass_eval_context` instead of `evalcontextfilter` (deprecated as of Jinja 3.x)
1 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M byceps/util/templatefilters.py
M byceps/util/templatefilters.py => byceps/util/templatefilters.py +3 -3
@@ 12,7 12,7 @@ from datetime import datetime

from flask import current_app
from flask_babel import format_decimal, gettext
from jinja2 import evalcontextfilter
from jinja2 import pass_eval_context
from jinja2.filters import do_default, do_trim
from markupsafe import Markup
import pendulum

@@ 21,7 21,7 @@ from .datetime import format as dateformat
from . import money

def dim(eval_ctx, value):
    """Render value in a way so that it looks dimmed."""
    dimmed = _dim(value)

@@ 32,7 32,7 @@ def _dim(value):
    return f'<span class="dimmed">{value}</span>'

def fallback(eval_ctx, value, fallback=None):
    defaulted = do_trim(do_default(value, '', True))
    if defaulted: