a LAN party platform


BYCEPS-based backend for Verbleiber clients


Organizer presence system client using RFID and push buttons


BYCEPS extension for the LANresort bungalow contest presentation, voting, and admin functionality


BYCEPS extension that provides the LANresort bungalows system


Push BYCEPS ticket sale stats to Discord (as channel name)


A proxy to forward messages received via HTTP to to IRC


Minimal unauthenticated web UI to accept and forward notes


Notify webhook of new posts in Simple Machines Forum instance


Website of the BYCEPS project


Wallpaper Randomizer. Sets a wallpaper (using feh) randomly chosen from a directory.


List orga teams on the OrgaTalk Discord server


Trigger sounds via RFID tags or barcodes


Forward syslog messages to IRC


Create a static HTML/CSS image gallery from a bunch of images.

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