Updated from the bucket
Removed the excessive StoryList tiddlers
Ok, seeing as tiddlywiki is not properly saving to the GCE instance, I am very happy about this second option
A really old sync...
Switching back to /etc systemd
Trying out user location for the systemd units
Changing location of proxy config
hgproxy renamed to proxy
Switching to using caddy for realsies
Fixed syntax error in proxy config
Updated to using caddy as http server
A much needed update to how I deploy this guy
I am not a smart man, take 2
I am not a smart man
Added a readme
Trying to figure out how the wiki should share the same machine as the rest of hg, when all is dockerized
Updated the tiddlers
Updated prod to timer synching vs mounted bucket
Updated tiddlers
Trying, and failing, to figure out a service that correctly mounts the bucket