Kinda getting notified of button presses
Finally settled on a logo.... I hate it.
Made the views a bit more consistent
Every fragment is at least minimally functional
Added some sounds to the firmware
Updated hex file and tidyied up
Added ability to send a message to a micro:bit
Using name to identify as microbit
Added some code to try and scan for LE devices
Using SharedPreferences to auto-connect to the last device
Updated microbit code
LED matrix doesn't look like poop anymore
Preset LED thingy functionality is on
Added LED clear and fixed how the matrix was sent
Spent a little bit of effort on the theme
Got it sending LED matrix to micro:bit
Improved feedback on the app when connected to a micro:bit
Switching to settings fragment when no micro:bit is connected
Started on LEDs and have it connecting to a micro:bit
Ok, fixed the tweaks