Added cocktails trello, and did some rearranging
Added a README
Fixed an HTML whoosie-doodle I have been ignoring for a while
Added auto-accept for gcloud deploy
Changing how docker setup happens
I really thought this was already an arch build
Still hoping to get gcloud deployment working
Logging in to gcr differently and added deployment step
Cloud to Butt strikes again!
Created new service account for Cloud Runs
Updated styling to not be so yuge
Refactored CI to properly log in to gcr.io
Fixing stupid syntax error in CI script
Tweaking CI to publish to gcr.io
Refactored the Cloud Run command so that it actually works as expected
Disabled a bad idea of a test
Refactoring a bit to be used as a Cloud Run thingy
Added image alt
Disabled the HTML bits on the descriptions until I figure out what is so darn wonky!