Fixed bug with delimiter collision in the filters URL
Changed teadb url back to the permanent one
Changed secret getter to a password field just on principle
Temporarily changing the teadb hostname
Renamed a CI task
Updated version of GCP SDK to use
Version bump
I totally forgot to run my unit tests
Needed to fix CI script to install python2 which gcloud needs
Commented out storage clear button
Added some mild security to the write side of the SPA
Modified update rate to once every 15 minutes, instead of every 5 seconds
Added placeholder for upcoming secret token header for mutable operations
Updated to use new cloudrunner
Missed a route to strip in cloudrunner
Messed up the order of the vessels again
Forgot one more issue with the CI changes
Fixing CI script due to recent changes
Fixed issue I created when I removed the Celadon Gaiwan. I need a better solution
Not sure why I thought that I was done with the deployment steps