Updated to use new cloudrunner
Missed a route to strip in cloudrunner
Messed up the order of the vessels again
Forgot one more issue with the CI changes
Fixing CI script due to recent changes
Fixed issue I created when I removed the Celadon Gaiwan. I need a better solution
Not sure why I thought that I was done with the deployment steps
Forgot to add deployment to cloud run
Was incorrecly copying files in dockerfile such that it flattened the structure
Might always need a trailing slash in the strip prefix entries
Dockerfile needs to specify base image version
Fixed issue in CI with wrong image path
Switching image to GCR and added strip argument to cloudrunner
Refactoring to serve as a Cloud Run service
Changing deploy host for CI now that the home page is a Cloud Run
Celadon gaiwan broke, got new gaiwan
Updated gitlab ci
Added dependency list to gitlab ci script
Updated dependency versions

Updated lunr and bootstrap
Updated tether and moment
Updated chart.js
Updated codelyzer and puppeteer
Updated tslint and core-js (patch)
Updated karma, karma-coverage-istanbul-reporter, karma-jasmine-html-reporter
Updated jasmine-core and @types/jasmine
Updated @types/node and jquery
Updated zone.js
Updated tslint.json
Updated ng2-charts
Updated @types/node
Minor tweaks to the deployment scripts