[xmonad] Added binding to pop up a browser
Going with magenta for the ssh indicator
Added a Q&D indicator when within an SSH_AGENT
[yabai] switching from chunkwm
[vscode] Brought in some settings from the work computer
Updated stuff and things
[vscode] Might have found a font I like
[xmonad] tweaking the statusbar
Configuring fonts on my box
Added support for yabai
Added vscode settings.json
Nevermind. Using an extension instead
I am finally delving into the vscode hype :)
Updated vim-go stuff so that it works now
I mean, I might someday not find autosuggestions to be annoying
Trying to get my statusbar to be betterer
A number of updates to vim stuffs
A couple of tweaks
Added ignore for terraform temp dir
Revert "Updated a couple vim plugs"

This reverts commit 50db77cf6ce33b82034ab6bfeb97eaf204f089dc.