ref: d158ae5a5dad0e3d0c155b2bf951f581012b654d biologist-web/package.json -rw-r--r-- 1.9 KiB
Reverted to running in alpine as unit tests fail in arch
Corrected bad copypasta
Pushing this to both Hub and GCR, for the time being
Deploying to Google Cloud Run now
Changet url of biologist to life.hokiegeek.net since I am now running this on one container
Being explicit in the Dockerfile
Refactored to run as a Cloud Run thingy
Added the canonical textured background
GUI simplication
Fixed casting error
I really wanted the page to start with the button in middle, I guess
Fixed a number of necessary tweaks
Finally fixed the annoying box shadow
The subdomain for biologist changed
Forgot to clean up linting. Need to add git hook
Finally got away from the default colors. Debatable if it is an improvement
Fixed some production build time errors and got the unit test infra working
Added my npm ng scripts