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@@ 16,7 16,7 @@ get all the categories
jq '.categories[].category' rpcategories.json

get all packs by name
jq '.categories[].packs[].name' rpcategories.json 
jq '.categories[].packs[].name' rpcategories.json

get all packs in category "Terrain"
jq '.categories[] | select(.category=="Terrain").packs[].name' rpcategories.json

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@@ 1,4 1,4 @@
Implement a way to list all packs by category with vts.
Rewrite scripts in go

Implement downloading multiple packs in vtd by using jq to generate the json that
will be used to generate the download link.

@@ 6,17 6,6 @@ will be used to generate the download link.
	selected, concatenating all the names could produce super long pack names so
	not sure about that approach.

Add option to vtd to apply patches after downloading.
	This should be done by taking patchsets from the templates directory which
	have the same name as the downloaded pack and overwriting/modifying the
	files using patch(1) or similar.

	Additionally figure out how to handle patches which require multiple packs,
	maybe in the template directory a file could be used to specify which packs
	are neccesary for the set.

Stretch goals
Figure out zsh autocompletion? Would make using the program much easier
when downloading single packs. Could also try out bash completion if it's not
too bad.