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This repo is a set of templates for splitting up vanilla tweak resource packs
into individual packs for easy in game and offline selection of different packs.
Small set of scripts to download and manage minecraft resource packs from
vanillatweaks.net. Right now it works for downloading singlular packs, with no
support for conflict resolution a la the vanillatweaks website.

Current plan is to write a script to generate patched packs using the templates
provided and a vanillatweaks archive by unzipping it, replacing the pack.mcmeta
and pack.png, and renaming the folder to that of the name of the pack.
vtt also has the ability to "patch" resource packs by replacing the pack.png of
any downloaded packs (in future more things will be able to be replaced).

I have some "custom" packs (dark ui with different color text) that I would like
to figure out how to handle, but that will probably come later.

I don't have any ideas on how to split the assets of vanillatweaks archives
which contain more than one selected pack, so I might make a script to download
packs from the vanillatweaks archive and apply the patches automatically,
depending on how difficult it is to download packs from vanillatweaks.

Tools in use:

make uninstall


Download list of resouce packs avaliable for 1.18:
	$ vtu

Search for a resource pack by name or description:
	$ vts PACK

Install a pack and replace the pack.png:
	$ vtd PACK


Check the 3 scripts for all the environment variables that can be set. A few
notable ones are:
	VTT_MCVER: Specify minecrat version to use
	VTT_CACHE: Specify where to store rpcategories.json
	VTT_TEMPLATEDIR: Specify where to store templates for custom pack info


In the future, templates will be handled by adding any files in any given packs
template directory to the downloaded pack. For example, any files in
"templates/DarkUI" will get placed into the "DarkUI.zip" archive when it's

For now, only the pack.png file will be replaced when downloading a pack.


If you want to use the provided zsh autocompletion, you may need to add
"$HOME/.local/share/zsh/site-functions" to your $FPATH variable. You could also
just change where "_vtt" gets copied to in the makefile

Tools in use:
wget (maybe only use 1 program to download stuff?)