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		toggled	by a physical switch connected to gpio)
		- maybe use start-stop-daemon?

[ ] Button handling system
[ ] Button/gpio signal handling system
	[x] libgpiod buildroot package in defconfig
		[x] libgpiod_tools buildroot package in defconfig
	[x] Basic "switch" script that handles a button/switch with debouncing
	[ ] Program/script to safely power up/down the pi
		- GPIO 5 (I2C SCL) boots the pi when shorted to ground
		- Must use a different pin to shutdown pi if I2C is needed
		- Look into RUN solder points on pi
	[x] Program/script to safely power down the board
		- S25gpiopoweroff and gpiopoweroff allow for safe shutdown
	[ ] Program/script to mark recording to be saved
		- This requires more thought as to how recording is gonna be done
	[ ] Program/script to toggle network AP system
	[x] Program/script to toggle network AP system
		- S40apswitch init script and everything it calls handles this

[x] Power system
	[x] Figure out sending a signal only when the board is off
		[x] gpio-poweroff dtoverlay added to config.txt
			- Note that this requires an external handler to cut power to the
			  board, otherwise undefined behavior occurs (kernel panic)
	[x] Figure out soft shutdown
		[x] gpiopoweroff runs "poweroff" upon gpio signal
			- This gpio signal will come from the "accessory" 12V line going
			  away (gotta figure this out, but unrelated to buildroot stuff)
	[x] Power up will be handled by external board providing power to the board
		- Nothing to be done in buildroot

[x] Make another partition to store videos
	[x] Figure out genimage to create a small partition