This caused a weird bug where if you happened to run aart from a
directory that had a folder/file with a two letter name starting with v
it would break the ffmpeg command.
fix mpc not respecing it's -q option
add Makefile and config.mk. And properly support the XDG_CACHE_DIR for storing the noart.png file
explain dependencies in readme
add more environment variables and fix weird artifact thing when closing the script
add AART_TEMP variable to set where artwork gets stored, defaults to /tmp/aart
fix first_start not setting art until song changes if it's already playing
simplify first_start and add safe handling of mpd being killed
This adds a function to check if the viewer still exists. I have it
running each time the song changes in the main loop. While not perfect,
as the script will exist until the current song ends, I think it is
wiser than either polling more often or keeping a file read open for the
/proc/pid. However those are definitely options.
close image viewer on script close, remove useless variable definition, and make output a bit nicer
give set_art more responsibility and remove the annoying if statement in the main loop
replace mpc idle with mpc current --wait
revise extract_art, fix copy_art, comment some stuff, add set_art function to simplify setting the artwork, replace echo with printf
extend non-embedded art support
add primitive non-embedded art support
add no art file and use it when no art can be found, also fix call to extract_art
add first_start function to check if mpd is playing something
add initial support for extracting embedded art using ffmpeg and ffprobe
capitalize files for sourcehut