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   Script name:  -
   Description:  Modular statusbar for DWM
   Dependencies: -
   SourceHut:    dwmblocks repo
   License:      LICENSE
   Contributors: Luke Smith, Frank Homburg
   Comments:     This is of fork of Luke Smith's dwmblocks repo.

#suckless.org dwmblocks

Modular status bar for dwm.

#Modifying blocks

The statusbar is made from text output from commandline programs. Blocks are added and removed by editing the config.h file.

#Signaling changes

Most statusbars constantly rerun every script every n seconds to update. This is an option, but a superior choice is giving your module a signal that you can signal to it to update on a relevant event, rather than having it rerun idly.

For example, the audio module has the update signal 10 by default. Thus, running pkill -RTMIN+10 dwmblocks will update it.

You can also run kill -44 $(pidof dwmblocks) which will have the same effect, but is faster. Just add 34 to your typical signal number.

Note that all modules must have different signal numbers.

#Clickable modules

This build allows you to build in additional actions into your scripts in response to click events. Simply use the $BLOCK_BUTTON variable.

Credit for those patches goes to Daniel Bylinka (daniel.bylinka@gmail.com). **Credit for this build of dwmblocks goes to Luke Smith.