Arch Install Script
58b3470d — Frank Homburg 3 months ago
updated AIS files
92e06939 — Frank Homburg 4 months ago
disabled dwmblocks and use slstatus instead
74347afa — Frank Homburg 4 months ago
added WiFi configuration instructions; see wpa_supplicant-wlps0.conf


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   _/ ____\ |  |__      Frank Homburg
   \   __\  |  |  \
    |  |    |   Y  \    https://hmbrg.xyz
    |__|    |___|  /    https://git.sr.ht/~hmbrg

   Script name:  ais.sh
   Description:  Arch Installation Script
   SourceHut:    ais repo
   License:      LICENSE
   Contributors: Frank Homburg
   Comments:     This is of fork of bugswriter's Arch Linux Magic

In four phases the system will be prepared so it's fully functional afterwards.

  • First boot your system using an Arch Linux installation media (thumb drive or whatnot)
  • If WiFi is the only connection methode run the following commands:
    • iwctl
    • station device scan
    • station device get-networks
    • station device connect SSID
  • Next run curl https://git.sr.ht/~hmbrg/ais/blob/main/ais.sh -o ./ais.sh to download the installation script
  • Finally execute sh ais.sh and let the magic happen

#Phase 0:

  • the system drive becomes partitioned and formated
  • directories for mounting those partitions will be created
  • partitions will be mounted

#Phase 1:

  • installing the base system (pacstrap)
  • generate /etc/fstab
  • chroot

#Phase 2:

  • set time zone
  • define locales, vconsole keyboard layout, hostname, /etc/hosts
  • mkinitcpio
  • set root password
  • install Grub/EFI boot manager
  • install all the needed (at least me needs them) packages (pacman)
  • enabling services
  • tweak sudoers file
  • create personal user account and set password
  • define default shell
  • set group affiliation for personal user
  • create directories to mount NAS shares

#Phase 3:

  • update pacman mirror list using reflector
  • clone dotfiles repository
  • create directory structure within home directory
  • clone compile and install dmenu, dwm, dwmblocks, st and baph (AUR helper) repos
  • install some AUR packages; one is libxft-bgra-git which is required by DWM!
  • finally do some tweaks and...

Done ;-)

#Things to consider before using this script

  • Line 9 to 13 are containing variables for system drive preparation
  • Line 18 holds language definition for /etc/vconsole.conf keyboard layout
  • Lines 145 - 150 will create directories to mount my NAS shares
  • Line 168 contains country settings for updating pacman mirror list using reflector
  • Line 176 holds repository URL for my dotfiles
  • Lines 183 - 193 are for cloning, compiling and installing my personal dmenu, dwm, dwmblocks and st reops, if you want to use other sources change URLs in corresponding lines
  • Lines 195 and 196 are for cloning and installing baph AUR helper, if you prefer another one change those lines
  • Lines 201 - 214 are for installing selected AUR packages