#About me

Former lecturer as well as a system administrator. Due to various chronic diseases retired.


  • My tiny ❤️ dog, a Prague Rattler/Terrier mongrel
  • Libre Open Source Software
  • Minimalism - also with the spoken word
  • Silence and I are best friends so Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode is my personal hymn
  • Also a big fan of simplicity
  • Mechanical keyboards


dotfiles what else should I say


WS content of hmbrg.org


WS content of no-Js.club


Arch Install Script


DWM 6.3 patched to my liking


suckless simple terminal


suckless.org Simple Terminal


Dynamic menu for X


suckless status bar


suckless.org Dynamic Menu


suckless.org Dynamic Window Manager


Rofi menu layouts


suckless.org Dynamic Window Manager menu bar [DWMblocks]


Files I refer to in my blog