HLS stream player that integrates w/ Twitch
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

For twitch auth integration you need to set the following in your shell's environment:

TWITCH_CLIENT_ID=<your app's client ID>
TWITCH_CLIENT_SECRET=<your app's current client secret>

Basic usage instructions:

  • install ruby 2.4
  • install bundler 1.17.x w/ gem install bundler
  • clone this repo, cd to it
  • install dependencies w/ bundle install
  • run the server w/ bundle exec padrino start -h <listen IP> -p <listen port>
  • cry a little

Admin notes:

  • You will need to change the config variable in public/javascripts/stream.js to match your environment.

  • You will need to setup a server which serves the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) segments. An example stack, which has been tested w/ this software, looks something like:

    • nginx HTTP server w/ the nginx-rtmp-module
    • An RTMP source, ffmpeg or OBS work well.
    • If this HLS server is on another origin you will need to setup CORS headers in the nginx configuraiton