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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#hime(corp) vim config for standard nerds

  1. Install neovim for the platform

  2. git clone this directory into the configuration directory, usually:

    • Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\nvim
    • Linux: ~/.config/nvim
  3. Install packer by cloning into nvim-data/site/pack/packer/start

  4. Run :PackerSync and cry a little bit because your text editor now comes with dependencies. LISTEN, HIME, IT'S THE FUTURE.

  5. Don't forget to set EDITOR= on your platform! Make sure all the other inferior editors know who is the boss!


  1. :TSUpdate needs to be run with a C-compiler on the path. On Windows this means either you're using vim inside mingw, WSL, etc. (ew, wtf.) or you are using an x64 Native Tools shell. (Alternatively you just put that shit on your %PATH%, like some kind of hooligan.)

  2. If a treesitter plugin explodes, saying it cannot open the library, it is probably because your dumbass opened x86 native tools and not x64 native tools. Why would you do that, idiot?