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This plugin depends on henriquehbr/lua-helpers to work, remember to install it as well following the exact same instructions below

If you're using one of these plugin managers:

The installation method is pretty much the same for all of them, simply initialize the plugin manager and include henriquehbr/ataraxis.lua on the list

Otherwise, if you're using pathogen, simply clone it on your ~/.vim/bundle directory:

$ git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/henriquehbr/ataraxis.lua

ataraxis is intended to be immediately executed on (n)vim startup, so if your plugin manager has some sort of opt funcionality that marks it as a optional plugin, avoid it!


To get it up and running, first, require it on your config:


require 'ataraxis'.setup()


lua require 'ataraxis'.setup()

It's strongly recommended to initialize ataraxis before any other plugin, in order to avoid windows created by other plugins to break the layout


The example below represents all the possible settings with their respective types and default values

require 'ataraxis'.setup {
    width = 80 -- sets the writing area width

#Contribution guidelines


The following tools are needed in order to properly setup the development workflow:


If you're willing to contribute to ataraxis, it's highly recommended to follow the steps below (for organization purposes)

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Open a new branch following one of the following naming patterns
    • feat/<branch_name> for features
    • fix/<branch_name> for bugfixes
    • chore/<branch_name> for small changes that doesn't fit the ones above
  3. Run make init to setup the development environment
  4. All commits must follow a similar naming pattern as the branches (which will be enforced by commitlint), examples below:
    • feat: <commit_message> for features
    • fix: <commit_message> for bugfixes
    • chore: <commit_message> for small changes that doesn't fit the ones above
  5. Submit your PR! (preferably a small one and concise one, for a faster code review)

Pull requests that stricly follow the recommendations above will have higher priority in contrast of those who don't