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@@ 4,7 4,6 @@ This is my website and gemini capsule source code. Link is currently
hedy.tilde.cafe on both [web](https://hedy.tilde.cafe) and


It has a blog and a few pages. The blog has mostly the same post for web/gemini
and the web version has an RSS feed and the gemini version has an atom feed.

@@ 25,3 24,5 @@ css](https://simplecss.org) and sometimes [seirdy's site](https://seirdy.one).
- [ ] post-index.md and gmi for content put after the posts list
- [ ] rethink on the post slugs. currently `/posts/file-name-or-slug/` but I
  might put the date or something in there idk

- [ ] minify images and use WebP

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