Add .DS_Store to ignore, rm pbcopy/pbpaste
Merge branch 'master' of github.com:hedyhli/dotfiles
Shell: Removve codespell alias

Doesn't give me the error color in the shell when codespell isn't
nvim: Add nvim lint and reindent lua files of 2 spaces
nvim: Modify indentation settings in ftplugin
Kitty: Apply tab background to bell/activity symbol
Merge pull request #1 from nikolaxhristov/master

Fixes typo
Kitty: Separate font.conf and include local.conf
nvim(cmp): Add more sources and do't use cmp-buffer by default
nvim: Refactor plugins.vim and lua/complete.lua

- Remove col number from status line - see reasoning in the comment of
  LightlineMoreLineinfo function
- Add comments
- Wrap lines
nvim: Refactor, use nvim-cmp, better status bar, better LSP configs
Add kitty conf and pash install script
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~hedy/dotfiles
Update GPG stuff
nvim: Fix ftplugin/fish
Fix aerc setup script
Set TERM=xterm-256color

Everything seems to work. No idea why I set it to tmux back then.

less, vim, etc were all saying unknown terminal
Aerc: Use new configuration
Scripts: Fix gen/fish-exportenvs