Add senpair highlight script
Add senpai
Helix, git, nvim
Update helix config
misc (kitty & snippets for nvim)
Add helix 🎉
nvim: Update outline config
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~hedy/dotfiles
Update readme
nvim: Update outline.nvim config
Shell(paths): Ensure local/bin has higher priority than local paths
vim: Set number
readme: Add Acme to list of editors
Scripts: Add a few old scripts that I forgot to track

Acme is an amazing editor btw!
Scripts(git-pullpr): Use heredocs rather than string escape madness
emacs: Track required *.el files

So the language breakdown of my dotfiles as a repo doesn't look like I
have that little elisp files :')

Regardless of my recent activity in the neovim space I still love emacs,
especially consult.el and org mode.
kitty,scripts: Update scripts and track font.conf example for MacOS
Track elinks & qutebrowser confs, update readme

In addition to the commit title:
- Update nvim setup script to output reminders on what else to install
  after lazy.nvim set up
emacs: Update cape
nvim: Restructure plugins and add mini.clue

Note that for some reason after one of these changes mini.files pressure
<cr> stops working