29d991310ee370f79ccfe1775ef8aa02fbbc5e1d — hedy 2 months ago 08a9d67 master
Fish: Fix prompt for fish v3.4.1

Removed my own copy of prompt_pwd because fish keeps saying "-d: unknown
option". I hadn't changed anything in the function anyway, so it should
just use the built-in one in /usr/share/fish/functions and it should
work as before.
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 26 deletions(-)

D .config/fish/functions/prompt_pwd.fish
D .config/fish/functions/prompt_pwd.fish => .config/fish/functions/prompt_pwd.fish +0 -26
@@ 1,26 0,0 @@
# Based on the built-in prompt_pwd.
function prompt_pwd --description "Print the current working directory, shortened to fit the prompt"
    set -l options h/help
    argparse -n prompt_pwd --max-args=0 $options -- $argv
    or return

    if set -q _flag_help
        __fish_print_help prompt_pwd
        return 0

    # This allows overriding fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length from the outside (global or universal) without leaking it
    set -q fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length
    or set -l fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length 1

    # Replace $HOME with "~"
    set -l realhome ~
    set -l tmp (string replace -r '^'"$realhome"'($|/)' '~$1' $PWD)

    if [ $fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length -eq 0 ]
        echo $tmp
        # Shorten to at most $fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length characters per directory
        string replace -ar '(\.?[^/]{'"$fish_prompt_pwd_dir_length"'})[^/]*/' '$1/' $tmp