Release v0.2.17
efd89b2e — Astound 23 days ago
set ios client
update version 0.2.16
85771647 — Astound 29 days ago
update client params
8af98968 — Astound 29 days ago
Refactoring code and reuse INNERTUBE_CLIENTS
8f00cbcd — Astound 29 days ago

update android_music client
af75551b — Astound 29 days ago

update android client
version 0.2.15
7664b5f0 — Astound a month ago
normalize css
ec5d236c — Astound a month ago
fix color dark theme
22bc7324 — Astound a month ago
css normalize
48e8f271 — Astound a month ago
update styles to modern
version 0.2.13
6039589f — Astound a month ago
Update `android` params

Discovered by LuanRT - https://github.com/LuanRT/YouTube.js/pull/624
version 0.2.12
70cb4532 — Astound a month ago
Set 'ios' client to bypass

absidue notes that blockage of the android client is collateral
damage due to YouTube's war with ReVanced. Switching to iOS should
keep us out of the line of fire for now:
7a106331 — Astound a month ago
README.md: update
8775e131 — Astound a month ago
Temporal fix: all requests with ANDROID client get redirected to aQvGIIdgFDM video, hence the different "content not available"
Set YTMUSIC_ANDROID client instead, but it's just the matter of time before youtube updates that one too :(
version 0.2.11