Simple Hypervideo Downloader GUI
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#Simple Hypervideo Downloader GUI

Simple Hypervideo Downloader GUI is intended to serve as a basic interface for downloading YouTube videos/audio that can be easily shared and used by non-programmers.


  • PyQt5 (pacman -S python-pyqt5)
  • hypervideo (pacman -S hypervideo)
  • ffmpeg (pacman -S ffmpeg)


pacman -S hypervideo-gui


  1. Run hypervideo-gui in terminal
  2. Enter the URL of the video you want to download into the top "URL" textbox.
  3. Then enter the folder to save the video to in the "Output Folder" textbox.
  4. Next choose the video format
    • To download the highest quality of video, select the video format Video - Best Quality
    • If you only want the audio (saved as .mp3), select Audio Only - Best Quality
    • If you want another video format, click Get Formats, which will fetch the available video formats and populate the dropdown with the available formats. Warning: some of these formats may be video only or audio only!
  5. Click the Download button.

#Developer Setup

Just set up Python3 with libraries PyQt5.

Run make demo or python script.py

#Debug mode

$ make DEBUG=1 demo


$ python script.py -v

#Generate Tarball

Require pandoc for generate README.txt

# pacman -S pandoc

Run this to generate tarball:

$ make dist


Make sure you have the latest version of hypervideo! Use pacman -Sy hypervideoin the command line. For downloading audio only, you may need to install ffmpeg to handle the mp4 -> mp3 conversion


This work is under the License GNU GPLv3+