README.md: fix typo
README.md: fix typo
CONTRIBUTING.md: remove ":"
README.md: update to curl download script
CONTRIBUTING.md: fix name app
Fix title menu ascii
Remove unused code

Add echo to keymaps
Fix typos
fixing jfs name in script
fixing format options for f2fs
Fix typo
Fix title menu

shellcheck step 11
shellcheck step 10
Disable SC2086 because pacstrap not work with ""
shellcheck step 9
Add -r parameter to read
Update GPT partition numbers

This commit updates GPT partition numbers to match the order of partitions on the disk (default behavior on most installer).

Example on ArchWiki: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Partitioning#UEFI/GPT_layout_example
Remove wget dep for hyperfi