私は無料のソフトウェア開発者およびコンサルタントです。Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre ハッカー。http://hgit.i2p


Source code of https://conocimientoslibres.tuxfamily.org


Custom Prompt Shell Settings for Bash


A fork of youtube-dl without nonfree parts


Docker image with cgit dark-mode and gitolite running on top of alpine base image


YT-Local configuration for docker


Daily usage annotations


Browser-based client for watching Youtube anonymously without forcing javascript


Sign a repository archive tarball for use with cgit


A lightweight application for searching and streaming videos from YouTube, using the Invidious API and hypervideo support


My Personal Emacs configuration


My config of i3wm on Hyperbola


Warning is repo Testing Hyperbola Fast Installer: tutorial installer


Hyperbola Docker is base image build setup that employs the bootstrap tarball


Bootstrap a base Hyperbola system from any GNU distro


Generate password from simple pass

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