私は無料のソフトウェア開発者およびコンサルタントです。Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre ハッカー。http://hgit.i2p


MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run, with Plyr player for default, search and without nodejs


A fork of youtube-dl without nonfree parts


Browser-based client for watching Youtube anonymously without forcing javascript


My personal hyper-packages


My Personal Emacs configuration


Validate HTML and CSS files using the WC3 validators


Font Fonts for Free Social Networks and other decentralized services that support the use of Free Software Movement


Source code of https://conocimientoslibres.tuxfamily.org


Comunidad del software libre hispanohablantes (Ex Trisquel hispanohablantes). Respeta y disfrura


Theme built in Bulma CSS framework


Copy repo: The Great Cloudwall


Fork of Plyr


Extractor de vídeos de Youtube escrito en PHP, ECMAScript, CSS y HTML


web grid base


Convertidor de Subtítulos VTT a SRT, escrito en python

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