Taipei, Taiwan


私は無料のソフトウェア開発者およびコンサルタントです。Hyperbola GNU/Linux-Libre ハッカー。https://c.fridu.us


Livie is a small script to search and watch YouTube videos from emacs


public resolvers for dnscrypt


Bootstrap a base Hyperbola system from any GNU distro


Browser-based client for watching YouTube anonymously without forcing javascript


YT-Local configuration for docker


Hyperbola Docker is base image build setup that employs the bootstrap tarball


Source code of https://conocimientoslibres.tuxfamily.org


My Personal Emacs configuration


Custom Prompt Shell Settings for Bash


My config of i3wm on Hyperbola


Warning is repo Testing Hyperbola Fast Installer: tutorial installer


LibreTube is a video publishing platform without coding process on the server. It is a simple and simple web for the presentation of videos. https://lablibre.tuxfamily.org/


MediaGoblin is a free software media publishing platform that anyone can run, with Plyr player for default, search and without nodejs


Personal website built in Django

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