computer music with python
Remove old graincloud module
libpippi & pippi microsound & fx updates:
lttlefield.c, pippi, astrid & libpippi updates


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Source code: https://git.sr.ht/~hecanjog/pippi

Documentation: https://pippi.world


Astrid Lindgren who wrote inspiring stories about Pippi Longstocking, this library's namesake.

Will Mitchell who contributed a wonderful zener diode softclip simulation, a state variable filter implementation available in the fx module, amazing work on bandlimiting in oscs and general moral support.

Paul Batchelor who created Soundpipe and sndkit, which pippi borrows greedily from for lots of super useful and fun DSP stuff.

Project Nayuki who created a compact and understandable FFT used in SoundBuffer.convolve() among other places.

Bernhard Schelling for the TinySoundFont library used in the soundfont module.

James McCartney who wrote the implementation of hermite interpolation used in the Wavetable module and elsewhere -- also, you know, supercollider of course! which lots of bits of pippi are inspired by or directly ported from -- see the libpippi sources for more info!

Jatin Chowdhury who made the lovely saturating feedback wavefolder algorithm used in fx.fold.

Nando Florestan who made the small public domain GM soundfont used in the test suite.

@noisesmith@sonomu.club who introduced me to the modulation param on tukey windows...!