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This document serves as a guide for the workflow to add/modify cmp sources


  • add the source name and symbol to vim_item.menu in format function of nvim-cmp setup function. As an example, to add foo_src source:
-- lua/plugins/nvim-cmp.lua
--- ....
vim_item.menu = ({
   buffer = "[Buffer]",
   foo_src = "[Foo]"
--- ....
  • add the source repository to M.sources map in plugins/nvim-cmp-sources.lua and for basic source registration, use M._register function with the source name
-- lua/plugins/nvim-cmp-sources.lua
M.sources["foo/bar"] = {

You can add more instructions if needed in the M.source[<src-name>] function if needed.

  • Add the repo to cmp_sources list of plugins.lua file.


  • functions in M.sources map of plugins/nvim-cmp-sources.lua are called by Packer's config function.
  • All sources added to cmp_sources list of plugins.lua file share a common package setup function. Essentially, the setup function ensures packer loads the logging and cmp package. If you need further customization, you need to add it outside of cmp_sources list; refer to how tzachar/cmp-tabnine source is added for an example.
  • If your source requires fields such as run in Packer's use function, you have to define it out of cmp_sources list. refer to how tzachar/cmp-tabnine source is added for an example.
  • calling M._register(<source-name>) function :
    • Logs the name of the source gets added
    • Loads current sources
    • adds the source to the current source list
    • updates cmp config.