security.txt/src d---------
Merge pull request #2 from HarmlessSystems/feature/mvp-signed

Merge MVP branch into master before release
ef8216c4 — Chris Mateos 1 year, 3 months ago
add Spanish trnaslation
Add Korean translation
Allow incognito for Firefox, copy LICENSE and security.txt into build dirs.
Add french translation, typofix in english translation, update blog post link.
Minor language tweaks
Add Filipino/Tagalog translation.

Though there are technically differences between Filipino and
Tagalog, they are very similar and Firefox gets them confused
and wouldn't work with only (fil) but instead wanted (tl),
despite (fil) working within some parts of the UI.
i18n improvements
Minor tweaks pre-RC release.
Added translations and copy for install.html page
Remove unused options
Remove need for localStorage
Work around browser quirks in Chrome/Edge
Basic functionality working across Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Edge
Update footer link
background fetch() and browser.storage.local working in mainline browsers
Initial baseline commit, working across several browsers and platforms.