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Added translations and copy for install.html page
4 files changed, 92 insertions(+), 44 deletions(-)

M src/_locales/en/messages.json
M src/css/awsm.css
M src/install.html
M src/js/popup.js
M src/_locales/en/messages.json => src/_locales/en/messages.json +60 -41
@@ 19,46 19,6 @@
    "message": "Disabled",
    "description" : "Description for disabling check_humanstxt option"
  "color_theme": {
    "message": "Preferred color theme",
    "description" : "Label text for color theme option"
  "color_theme_AUTO": {
    "message": "Automatic",
    "description" : "Automatic based on system theme"
  "color_theme_DARK": {
    "message": "Dark Mode",
    "description" : "Dark theme"
  "color_theme_LIGHT": {
    "message": "Light Mode",
    "description" : "Light theme"
  "host_cache_ttl": {
    "message": "Host cache time-to-live",
    "description" : "How long should hostnames be cached?"
  "host_cache_ttl_10M": {
    "message": "10 minutes or until browser is closed",
    "description" : "Cache for 10 minutes"
  "host_cache_ttl_1H": {
    "message": "1 hour or until browser is closed",
    "description" : "Cache for 1 hour"
  "host_cache_ttl_24H": {
    "message": "1 day or until browser is closed",
    "description" : "Cache for 1 day"
  "host_cache_ttl_ALWAYS": {
    "message": "Until browser is closed",
    "description" : "Cache until process is terminated"
  "host_cache_ttl_NEVER": {
    "message": "Disable in_memory cache",
    "description" : "Perform no caching"
  "reset_default": {
    "message": "Reset all preferences to default values",
    "description" : "Button text to set all options to the default"

@@ 106,5 66,64 @@
  "copied_security_to_clipboard": {
    "message": "Copied security.txt!",
    "description" : "Message shown when secxurity.txt text has been copied to the clipboard"
  "what_is_security_txt": {
    "message": "What is security.txt?",
    "description" : "Headline for description of the security.txt initiative."
  "what_is_security_txt_content": {
    "message": "security.txt is a proposed standard which provides a means for websites and software authors to define their security policies. This is useful to security researchers or anyone who would like to properly disclose a vulnerability to the owners of the website or software.",
    "description" : "Headline for description of the security.txt initiative."
  "what_is_humans_txt": {
    "message": "What is humans.txt?",
    "description" : "Headline for description of the humans.txt initiative."
  "what_is_humans_txt_content": {
    "message": "humans.txt is a less formal initiative for providing human-readable information about the authors of the website.",
    "description" : "Headline for description of the humans.txt initiative."
  "how_does_it_work": {
    "message": "How does the browser extension work?",
    "description" : "Headline for description of the browser extension works."
  "how_does_it_work_content_pre": {
    "message": "As you browse the web, and navigate to different websites, the browser extension checks the website to see if it supports either type of file. If it does, an ",
    "description" : "Content explaining how the browser extension works (before the inline icon)."
  "how_does_it_work_content_post": {
    "message": " icon is shown in the URL bar. You can click this icon to view more details about the text files that were located.",
    "description" : "Content explaining how the browser extension works (after the inline icon)."
  "more_info": {
    "message": "More information",
    "description" : "Headline for description of where the user can find more information about the browser extension."
  "more_info_content": {
    "message": "You can find more information about security.txt extension on our blog post and initial release announcement.",
    "description" : "Details and a link to more information"
  "feedback_appreciated": {
    "message": "We appreciate your feedback",
    "description" : "Headline for section describing where the user can submit their feedback or any issues."
  "feedback_pre_email": {
    "message": "If you encounter any issues using this extension or would like to contact us with any feedback or suggestions you can reach us by email at: ",
    "description" : "text show before the email address link where feedback can be submitted."
  "feedback_pre_github": {
    "message": "If you have a Github account, you can also open an issue on this extension's Github page at: ",
    "description" : "text show before the Github page link where feedback can be submitted."
\ No newline at end of file

M src/css/awsm.css => src/css/awsm.css +8 -0
@@ 672,4 672,12 @@ noscript{

  background:rgba(0, 100, 193, 0.25);

p > img {
  display: inline;
  vertical-align: bottom;
  float: none;
  margin-bottom: 0;
  margin-left: 0;
\ No newline at end of file

M src/install.html => src/install.html +24 -1
@@ 8,11 8,34 @@
      <h1 data-i18n="install_title"></h1>
      <p>Thank you for installing the the security.txt browser extension!</p>
          <h3 data-i18n="what_is_security_txt"></h3>
          <p data-i18n="what_is_security_txt_content"></p>
          <h3 data-i18n="what_is_humans_txt"></h3>
          <p data-i18n="what_is_humans_txt_content"></p>
          <h3 data-i18n="how_does_it_work"></h3>
            <span data-i18n="how_does_it_work_content_pre"></span>
            <img src="img/info.24.png" alt="Info icon" title="Info icon"/>
            <span data-i18n="how_does_it_work_content_post"></span>
          <h3 data-i18n="more_info"></h3>
            <a data-i18n="more_info_content" href="https://www.harmless.systems/blog/2020-01-25-security-txt-browser-extension.html"></a>
          <h3 data-i18n="feedback_appreciated"></h3>
            <span data-i18n="feedback_pre_email"></span>
            <a href="mailto:info@harmless.systems">info@harmless.systems</a>
            <span data-i18n="feedback_pre_github"></span>
            <a href="https://github.com/HarmlessSystems/security.txt/issues">HarmlessSystems/security.txt</a>

M src/js/popup.js => src/js/popup.js +0 -2
@@ 2,8 2,6 @@

window.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', () => {
  const params = new URLSearchParams(new URL(window.location).search);
  console.log('popup', window.location, new URL(window.location), params);
  console.log('popup', params.get('security'), params.get('humans'));

  const securityTxt = document.querySelector('#securityTxt > textarea');
  const securityTab = document.querySelector('#securityTabLabel');