A robust, minimal library for parsing MIME documents for Rust.
Update regex involved in extracting multipart boundaries.
Add licence. Bump version in readme
Fix bug in parsing emails with Windows line endings (\r\n)



You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A robust, minimal library for parsing mime documents. Supports UTF-8, multipart and nested structures. Will try (usually successfully) to parse noncompliant documents.


Just add crumble = "0.10.2" to your dependencies. Then, given a String rep of a MIME document, parse with Message::new(&mime).

Documentation: https://docs.rs/crumble/ Crate: https://crates.io/crates/crumble


  • Only returns a simple "AST". You should wrap this in something e.g. crinkle for it to be useful.
  • Example MIME documents which fail parsing welcome!
  • Mirrored on GitHub, upstream is on sr.ht.