IRC reminder bot
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Interpret tomorrow as next day 9 AM
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A reminder bot for IRC. Regex-free!


Arguments for all commands are split according to the shell quoting rules, i.e. if an argument contains whitespace, you need to either escape the whitespace or wrap the argument in quotation marks.

  • .tz "timezone"

    Sets user's preferred timezone. Must be set before using the bot. The timezone argument must be a valid name from the zoneinfo database.

  • .remindme "when" "what"

    Schedules a reminder. You can use RFC 3339-style datetimes or free-form absolute or relative datetime descriptions (like tomorrow at 9 AM, in 2 months, feb 13 2023, at midnight, etc). A reminder scheduled using .remindme "in an hour" "to head out" will look like this:

    <reminderbot> handlerug: Reminder to head out
  • .snooze <when>

    Re-schedules the last fired reminder relative to the current time. The arguments are joined with whitespace and processed as a single "when" argument, so no escaping is needed for datetimes with whitespace.


Thanks to Drew DeVault for the original reminderbot.