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#Days — take control over your life

Note This app is no longer maintained.

Русская версия

Days is a VK Mini App for tracking repeating tasks, such as brushing teeth, watering plants, jogging, and other actions you want to turn into habits. The app also features a single-shot reminder organizer and a calorie tracker.

App screenshots

Also see the backend code.


  • Suggest helpful habits to the user
  • Send reminders about them throughout the day
  • Make sure the user does not forget about them, but do not annoy the user either
  • Reward the user for following the schedule


  • Habit management
  • Habit tracking: the user holds the icon, it starts filling up, after 700 ms it's fully filled up and the action is registered
  • Reminders about habits via push notifications
  • Habit statistics published via Stories (viral spread model)
  • Habit schedule per day
  • Recommended habits based on past activity
  • Habit categories: sport, education, productivity, fitness, harmony, medicine, hygiene
  • Notes with single-shot reminders and push notifications
  • Calorie tracker

#The WebStage Team


To deploy the frontend:

git clone https://github.com/handlerug/insomnia-vk-app.git && cd insomnia-vk-app
npm install

To start the server on port 10888: npm start

To build (output is stored in the build folder): npm run build