0.0.3 2 years ago

handlebot 0.0.3

This is a non-breaking release. It includes the following changes:
* Gemini support for urlparse;
* fix for the "precipation" typo;
* fixes for various bugs.

Simon Ser (3):
      weather: fix typo for "precipitation"
      urlparse: don't read more than 100KiB from response
      urlparse: check Client.Do error

Umar Getagazov (8):
      Separate basic commands into their own files
      urlparse: omit colon when no parts of speech
      urlparse: better document YouTube handler
      urlparse: better document the generic handler
      urlparse: use two variables instead of a map
      urlparse: improve weather code formatting
      Restructure the code
      urlparse: Gemini support