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# handlebot
A pretty cool IRC bot. Rewrite of [parabot][parabot] (rip ps).

[parabot]: https://github.com/ParadoxSpiral/parabot
**handlebot** is a multifunctional IRC bot for small communities. It's
lightweight and written in Go with minimal amount of third-party dependencies.

# Features

handlebot has rich link preview capabilities:

     <user> https://sourcehut.org
<handlebot> ┗━ sourcehut - the hacker's forge
     <user> https://sourcehut.org
<handlebot> ┗━ sourcehut - the hacker's forge
     <user> gemini://drewdevault.com/2021/10/05/Terminal-emulation-legacy.gmi
<handlebot> ┗━ The distant legacy of terminal emulators

It fetches weather for you:

     <user> .w amsterdam
<handlebot> Current weather in Amsterdam, North Holland, NL is clear sky: 15°C; 68% humidity; 4.6m/s wind speed
     <user> .w tokyo
<handlebot> Current weather in Tokyo, JP is light rain: 23°C; 80% humidity; 4.6m/s wind speed

It has integrations with [Wolfram|Alpha](https://www.wolframalpha.com/) and

     <user> .jisho semai
<handlebot> 1: 狭い(せまい) Common (wanikani24) [I-adjective (keiyoushi): narrow, limited]; 2: 施米(せまい) Uncommon [Noun, Suru verb, Intransitive verb: rice given in charity]
     <user> .wa circumference of mars
<handlebot> [Mars | equatorial circumference] 21339 km (kilometers)

# Migration from [parabot](https://github.com/ParadoxSpiral/parabot)

## Migration from parabot
Run `sqlite3 path/to/your.db` and `PRAGMA user_version = 1;` to ensure that
handlebot's migrations don't run on an already initialized database.

# License

handlebot is licensed under the [GNU Affero General Public License](LICENSE).