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Run: `apt get install python3-watchdog`
Edit `./printer_settings.txt` with the serial connection names in /dev/ and the needed baud rate. If your serial connection is `/dev/ttyACM0` and your baud rate is `250000`, the config line would look like this: `ttyACM0:250000`
Typical baud rates are 9600,115200,250000 but will vary depending on your printer. 
Make sure to add a line for each of your printers. 
 - Run: `apt get install python3-watchdog python3-flask`
 - Run: ./startup
 - Open: http://localhost/post-hast to config printers

Control folder structure
If your conntion is called `/dev/ttyACM0` you'll have the folling files:
If you have more than one printer/serial connection, you'll have the above folders for each printer. 

Printing manually
Copy your Gcode to `./printers/<your_printer>/upload`.
Dice will detect this, and your Gcode will be moved to `./printers/<your_printer>/printing`. This will also kick off the `gcode_send` process to spoon-feed your printer serial style.