Mobile linux, standalone, prompt-driven scripts to accompany fbp as part of the framebufferphone project. There's a script for that!
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Motto: There's a script for that!

f_scripts is a collection of lightweight prompt-driven Oil OSH scripts designed to be used with fbp as a part of the framebufferphone project. Designed around frugality and maintainability, f_scripts offers a set of simple-to-understand scripts that can match much of the functionality of modern phones in an admittedly low-fidelity way. With f_scripts you can make & receive calls, send & receive text message, view and listen to youtube videos, set a cooking timer, read RSS news, browse the web, and more.

Each f_script is compatible with framebufferphone's fbp, by way of writing to fbp's FIFO. This dependency / compatiblity is optional and if no fbp FIFO is present on the system you can still use each f_script by typing into each prompt (the menus in each script just use read which is accesible over SSH, via prompt, etc.). As such, f_scripts can be used in desktop enviroments outside of the context of the framebufferphone / fbp, or within the context of alternative mobile enviroments like Sxmo, Phosh, and similar.

In terms of packaging, f_scripts are designed to each be a single subpackage and there are zero cross-dependencies (e.g. each script is standalone). Overall f_scripts aims to change the "there's an app for that mentality"; to "there's a script for that" or maybe even "you can build your own script for that".

See also:

#Documentation for each f_ script


  • f_audio: Adjust audio devices and volume
  • f_files: Browse files on your filesystem
  • f_game: Play classic console games
  • f_maps: Browse OSM maps using mepo (via SDL directfb).
  • f_networks: Allows managing gsm/wpa connections via underlying nmcli calls
  • f_phone: Manages phone calls / text messages using modemmanager
  • f_rss: Fetches data from RSS via sfeed and allows you to view via sfeed_curses
  • f_theme: Change the framebuffer theme (font & colors)
  • f_timer: Set a countdown timer to be alerted
  • f_web: Select a website and browse via w3m or netsurf
  • f_youtube: Listen or view youtube videos via mpv


  • Description: Adjust audio devices and volume
  • Documentation: Allows you to adjust audio devices and volume by using pulseaudio pactl. Enables toggling input and output ports as well as adjusting audio device volume based on a step value. Set the variable $F_AUDIO_STEP to modify the percentage points that volup/voldown will increment/decrement.
  • Alpine Dependencies: pipewire wireplumber pipewire-pulse
  • Arch Dependencies: pipewire wireplumber pipewire-pulse
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_AUDIO=1)
    • F_AUDIO_STEP=5
  • Source: f_audio


  • Description: Browse files on your filesystem
  • Documentation: An interactive prompt-driven filebrowser. Enter the name of the folder to enter to cd or enter a file to open it. Set $F_FILES_HANDLERS to customize handlers to use to open files. Note that sequence matters. Each line in $F_FILES_HANDLERS has 4 parts seperated by the ^ character, the first field is a regex for grep, the second field is fbp fields to populate, and the third is the command to run which will be suffixed with $@. The fourth field is an optional arbitrary shell code to be eval'd after terminating the program. This can be helpful to run cleanup code for buggy applications like fbi which don't always properly on C-c or for any other terminal restoration code.
  • Alpine Dependencies: vim mpv fbida-fbi fbida-fbgs
  • Arch Dependencies: vim mpv fbida
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_FILES=1)
      [.](mp4|mov|avi)$ ^ 9 0 [ ] p q ^ mpv --volume=10 --vo=tct ^
      [.](webm|ogg|mp3|m4a|wav|flac|opus)$ ^ 9 0 [ ] p q ^ mpv --volume=10 --no-video ^
      [.](jpg|jpeg|gif|webm|png)$ ^ q j k a + - 100s 150s 200s v h i q ^ fbi ^ pkill -9 fbi
      [.](pdf)$ ^ q j k a + - 100s 150s 200s v h i q ^ fbgs -r 200 ^ pkill -9 fbi
  • ^ Z X Q :q :w :wq j k h l ^ vim ^ ' F_FILES_FBSET_FBPRATIO='2 / 3' F_FILES_FBSET_YRES='1440' ```


  • Description: Play classic console games
  • Documentation: Launches classic console games with keybindings set in fbp. Currently supports only the game: moon-buggy!
  • Alpine Dependencies: moon-buggy
  • Arch Dependencies: moon-buggy
  • Source: f_game


  • Description: Browse OSM maps using mepo (via SDL directfb).
  • Documentation: Launches mepo to browse OSM maps in SDL / directfb mode. Uses chvt and vis-menu to present menus as needed via mepo's helper menu script.
  • Alpine Dependencies: mepo tslib directfb mesa-gl kbd vis
  • Arch Dependencies: mepo tslib directfb mesa kbd vis
  • Source: f_maps


  • Description: Allows managing gsm/wpa connections via underlying nmcli calls

  • Documentation: Allows mangaging gsm/wpa connectiona via nmcli. Allows for creating, deleting, enabling, and disabling networks via prompts. Prints status of connected networks between prompts. Also allows scanning wireless networks.

  • Alpine Dependencies: networkmanager dnsmasq networkmanager networkmanager-cli networkmanager-openrc networkmanager-tui networkmanager-wifi networkmanager-wwan

  • Arch Dependencies: networkmanager ntp

  • Source: f_networks


  • Description: Manages phone calls / text messages using modemmanager
  • Documentation: A single interactive prompt-driven script to manage all aspects of using your phone's modem for sending & receiving text messages and placing and receiving calls. Transfers incoming text messages and logs calls and all actions to a single logfile which can be interactively filtered (per-contact etc..) via using the provided phonelog submenu. The log file used can be customized by setting $F_PHONE_MODEMHISTORYFILE. Additionally a number of hooks can be set, see variables for usable. The script in the background (via a subshell), continually monitors modemmanager (via its DBus interface via mmcli), alerts you when a new call is incoming (vibrating the phone and interrupting your current prompt to provide a pickup prompt). So in short, basically, this script allows you to use pinephone (or otherwise) as , who would have thought.. a lightweight... phone(!)
  • Alpine Dependencies: polkit modemmanager linuxconsoletools callaudiod pnc
  • Arch Dependencies: polkit modemmanager linuxconsole callaudiod pnc
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_PHONE=1)
    • F_PHONE_MODEMHISTORYFILE=~/.f_phone_modemhistory
      F_PHONE_HOOKRINGSTART='yes 5 | fftest /dev/input/by-path/platform-vibrator-event'
      F_PHONE_HOOKRINGSTOP='pkill fftest'
      F_PHONE_HOOKMISSEDSTART='echo 255 > /sys/class/leds/green:indicator/brightness; { echo 5; sleep 1; echo -1; } | fftest /dev/input/by-path/platform-vibrator-event'
      F_PHONE_HOOKMISSEDSTOP='echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/green:indicator/brightness'
  • Source: f_phone


  • Description: Fetches data from RSS via sfeed and allows you to view via sfeed_curses
  • Documentation: Allows you to fetch RSS feeds via sfeed and then view via sfeed_curses with keybindings pre-setup in fbp. Use the env variable $F_RSS_SFEEDRC_DATA to customize the sfeedrc data contents.
  • Alpine Dependencies: sfeed w3m
  • Arch Dependencies: sfeed w3m
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_RSS=1)
      feeds() {
      feed "Tech/Pine64" "https://www.pine64.org/rss"
      feed "Tech/Slashdot" "http://feeds.feedburner.com/SlashdotSitenews"
      feed "Tech/HN" "https://news.ycombinator.com/rss"
      feed "Tech/Lobsters" "https://lobste.rs/rss"
      feed "Tech/Suckless" "http://git.suckless.org/sites/atom.xml"
  • Source: f_rss


  • Description: Change the framebuffer theme (font & colors)
  • Documentation: Allows customizing your framebuffer's theme by setting the font, colors, and framebuffer rotation. Uses the setterm and setfont command line tools - so only applicable in the TTY / framebuffer. Also uses escape codes to make colors (true black / true white). Use the variables for $F_THEME_FONT{SM,MD,LG} to set the fonts used for {sm,md,lg}{white,dark}.
  • Alpine Dependencies: terminus-font util-linux-misc
  • Arch Dependencies: terminus-font util-linux
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_THEME=1)
    • F_THEME_FONTSM="$FONTPATH/ter-114n.psf.gz"
  • Source: f_theme


  • Description: Set a countdown timer to be alerted
  • Documentation: Set a countdown timer after which expiry you'll be alerted. Use the variable $F_TIMER_PRESETS to set a space deliniated array of strings suffixed by (h/m/s) that will prepopulate the menu with time values.
  • Alpine Dependencies: linuxconsoletools util-linux-misc
  • Arch Dependencies: linuxconsole util-linux bc
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_TIMER=1)
    • F_TIMER_PRESETS="10m 9m 8m 7m 6m 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m 30s 5s 1h"
  • Source: f_timer


  • Description: Select a website and browse via w3m or netsurf
  • Documentation: Browse the web via w3m (text) or netsurf (graphical) setting fbp hotkeys to helpful hotkeys. Quirks - starts w3m in mode that respects C-c. For netsurf, has to be run as root (so runs via sudo). Set $F_WEB_SITES to customize sites shown to user
  • Alpine Dependencies: w3m netsurf-framebuffer tslib
  • Arch Dependencies: w3m netsurf-fb util-linux bc
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_WEB=1)
    • F_WEB_SITES='
      npr text.npr.org
      ddg duck.com
      hn news.ycombinator.com
      lbtr lobste.rs
      cnn lite.cnn.com
      pmos postmarketos.org
  • Source: f_web


  • Description: Listen or view youtube videos via mpv
  • Documentation: f_youtube allows you to search and playback either audio or video from youtube. It uses codemadness's youtube-cli tool to find results from youtube and allows you to either playback in the terminal the video (e.g. as low-fidelity ASCII) or allows you to just play the audio back. Set $F_YOUTUBE_SEARCHQUERIES to be a space seperated list of tokens to customize the default search queries.
  • Alpine Dependencies: codemadness-frontends mpv yt-dlp
  • Arch Dependencies: codemadness-frontends mpv yt-dlp
  • Default variables: (override by setting F_YOUTUBE=1)
    • F_YOUTUBE_SEARCHQUERIES='asmr cat fail news'
  • Source: f_youtube