Native Emacs Org Mode for Ruby Tilt
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Fix: Ignore emacs *Messages* + Fix: :body_with_resources option.
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A native Org Mode parser for Tilt.


  1. Install emacs
  2. Install the tilt-emacs_org gem
  3. Done! Now Tilt has native Emacs Org support


require 'tilt/emacs_org'
template = Tilt.new('file.org', 1, { setupfile: 'setup.org' })
template.title # document title
template.head # scripts, links and styles on head
template.render # body of HTML document

This is an example usage, render can vary depending on options. All options are optional.


#:format => :body_only|:body_with_resources|:full

Defaults to :body_only.

  • :body_only renders body only, discarding head section of the document.
  • :body_with_resources renders body with head script, link and style elements on top of the rest of the body.
  • :full renders a full HTML document, just as emacs exports it.

You can always access head script, link and style elements by calling EmacsOrgTemplate#head, and document title by calling EmacsOrgTemplate#title.


If set, include a #+SETUPFILE on top of the document. Useful for default options.


Source code is available on https://git.hacktivista.org/tilt-emacs_org.

Bug reports and patches are welcome on https://lists.hacktivista.org/hacktivista-dev.


The gem is available as libre software under the terms of the MIT License.