Fix: hardcoded nginx instance
Better support asset sharing between Nginx and Decidim containers
Fix: Don't break certbot-nginx by leaving a temporarily broken nginx config
Fix: support GIT_CLONE_REPO on LXD' Decidim
Fix: urlencode escaping properly
Fix: print only container IP on IP fixation
Fix instruction on config-dist.sh
LXD mapping to correct user and group
Allow to clone existing git repo
Minor improvements

- Allow to pass a config file via positional parameter
- Clear code with helper functions
- Improve urlencoder to something that doesn't break easily , adds curl
as dependency
Non-root Decidim + various fixes for multi-containers

- Installs Decidim as user instead of root, allowing installation out
  of containers (though still requires root!)
- Improves passwords generation
- Fixes LXD multi-container data sharing
- Fixes database conection on installation when on LXD multi-container
- It's simply better, filled with various minor changes that matter :)
- Tested with single-container and multi-container, which means it's
  reaching release-candidate version
Initial commit. Working setup.

- Only tested on LXD host with single container