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Why Ruby



Projects built with LeanWeb

Getting started
 - Install Ruby
 - Install LeanWeb
 - Generate a new project
 - Run dynamically
 - Build static files

Ruby installation
  apt install ruby-full # Debian based
  pacman -S ruby # Arch Linux based
  yum install ruby # RedHat Fedora based
  pkg install ruby # FreeBSD
  pkg_add ruby # OpenBSD
  ruby-build 3.2.2 /usr/local # Various
  asdf install ruby latest # Various

LeanWeb installation
  gem install --user-install leanweb

A typical new project
  leanweb new project

Running Rack
  bundle exec rackup

Building static files
  bundle exec rake build_static

Project structure
 - routes.rb: routes
 - src/controllers/: controllers
 - src/views/: views
 - public/: static files
 - config.ru: Rack configuration file

routes.rb: Where to access stuff

src/controllers/: Static dynamism

src/controllers/: Static dynamism
  *fully dynamic web applications are also supported

src/views/: Parse that document

public/: Directly serving static files

config.ru: Rack configuration file

config.ru: A minimal LeanWeb project

Some other cool stuff
 - Layouts
 - Org Mode
 - Mailing


Tilt::EmacsOrg: A native parser for Tilt
  gem install tilt-emacs_org


What about models?


What's next?

My current to do list
 - upgrade Rack
 - upgrade Haml (waiting for Tilt release)
 - don't require to @response.finish
 - make Rack::Reloader actually reload stuff
 - namespaces support on routes
 - mechanism for auth guards?
 - nested routes?
 - router: default_get_static = false

Breaking changes expected

How to help?
- Use
- Develop
- Fund

  Felix Freeman <libsys@hacktivista.org>