A tiny, extremely minimalist JavaScript microframework.
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H3 is a microframework to build client-side single-page applications (SPAs) in modern JavaScript.

H3 is also:

  • tiny, less than 4KB minified and gzipped.
  • modern, in the sense that it runs only in modern browsers (latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge & similar).
  • easy to learn, its API is comprised of only seven methods and two properties.

#I'm sold! Where can I get it?

Here, look, it's just one file:

Download v0.11.0 (Keen Klingon)

Or get the minified version here.

Yes there is also a NPM package if you want to use it with WebPack and similar, but let me repeat: it's just one file.

#Hello, World?

Here's an example of an extremely minimal SPA created with H3:

import { h3, h } from "./h3.js";
h3.init(() => h("h1", "Hello, World!"));

This will render a h1 tag within the document body, containing the text "Hello, World!".

#Something more complex?

Have a look at the code of a simple todo list (demo) with several components, a store and some routing.

#No, I meant a real web application...

OK, have a look at litepad.h3rald.com — it's a powerful notepad application that demonstrates how to create custom controls, route components, forms, and integrate third-party tools. The code is of course on GitHub.

#Can I use it then, no strings attached?

Yes. It's MIT-licensed.

#What if something is broken?

Go fix it! Or at least open an issue on the Github repo, pleasy.

#Can I download a copy of all the documentation as a standalone HTML file?

What a weird thing to ask... sure you can: here!