Genoa, Italy


Just a tinkerer pursuing more minimalist and bloat-free computing. I enjoying crafting and using my own tools, typically using Nim, sometimes in JavaScript and of course my very own m(i)n languages.


H3RALD web site


A tiny static file web server written in Nim


A small but practical concatenative programming language and shell


Script to upgrade min source code to the latest version of the min programming language.


HTML syntax highlighter for min code


A lightweight, self-contained, RESTful, searchable, multi-format NoSQL document store.


A truly minimal concatenative programming language


A minimal testing library for the min programming language.


A small utility to convert simple PNG images to textual pixel maps and vice-versa


A small but powerful static site generator


A line editing library in pure Nim.


Self-contained markdown compiler generating self-contained HTML documents


A personal ecosystem of handcrafted useful tools


Stylesheets for HastyScribe


Find and Replace Utility

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