remove extra space
lower osd-playing-msg-duration
reference mpv 0.37
Revert "remove image check for aligning large images"

This reverts commit 01d84f60131383dd54397cd332ed073b31958bb0.
remove the bindings to skip 10 entries

These aren't very useful when you can hold space or jump to a specific
playlist index.
recommend FSR because it's the best shader
allow different dimensions in double-page-mode
enable double-page-mode faster

By not switching to the new video track unnecessarily.
add newlines
change link text
don't show changed gamma
remove "with a good scaling filter"

Since lanczos is now the default.
don't duplicate reset-on-next-file's definition
use nil for unused observed property
update gamma's formatting again
use Unlicense
remove image check for aligning large images

There is no harm in applying this to videos.
don't get a fallback for osd-dimensions

This doesn't make sense since when dims.w and h are 0 mt mb ml and mr are
also 0 (it was necessary before but I don't remember why, maybe for