A configuration to use mpv as an image viewer
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#Moved to https://github.com/guidocella/mpv-image-config

This is an example configuration for using mpv as an image viewer.


  • mpv is feature rich and far more extensible than any image viewer. You can easily add original key bindings, set up conditional profiles and do pretty much anything with Lua scripts
  • Zoomed images look better than in image viewers (or at least the ones I previously used), and you can even improve image quality further with GLSL shaders like FSR and Anime4k
  • You can use quit-watch-later with directories of images
  • You can browse directories with both videos and images in one application
  • It supports Wayland unlike sxiv or feh
  • Background transparency on X11 with Nvidia proprietary drivers and on Wayland


Copy what you want to use from mpv.conf and input.conf into your versions of these files, and copy or symlink into ~~/scripts scripts/align-images.lua for automatically aligning the OSD to the top-right corner of images bigger than the OSD and centering images smaller than the OSD, and scripts/image-bindings.lua for the script messages used by input.conf.

#How can I display thumbnails of images?

Use https://github.com/occivink/mpv-gallery-view