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@@ 10,7 10,7 @@ Once you reach a high enough level, you will want the monolingual daijirin dicti
- Download Yomichan Import from https://foosoft.net/projects/yomichan-import/, and use it to convert convert daijirin to JSON
- Extract the resulting zip
- From the directory with the extracted JSON files, execute this repository's `convert-daijirin.php`
- Install Stardict's convertion tools (`yay -S stardict-tools-git` on Arch, `apt install stardict-tools` on Debian)
- Install Stardict's convertion tools (`stardict-tools-git` on the AUR, `apt install stardict-tools` on Debian)
- Execute `stardict-tabfile daijirin.tab` (Arch) / `tabfile daijirin.tab` (Debian)
- Execute `mv daijirin.{dict,idx,ifo} ~/.local/share/stardict/dic`