Rename docker config file path in README instructions

Dockerfile runs CMD looking for "/config/config.toml" not "/config/satellite.toml"
Set minimum TLS version to TLS 1.2
List scdoc as dependency
36439f7c — Timur Demin 3 years ago
Add Docker build support

This adds a Dockerfile and a short instruction on how to use it to run
Satellite. Since the Makefile requires scdoc to be installed (which is
not present in golang:1.15), the Dockerfile runs go build manually
Do not use hardcoded address on DNSName
Add man pages
When dealing with directories, we should try to search for a index.gmi files on it.
Add installation instructions to the README
Add a Makefile to easily compile and install satellite
Support multiple hosts and regenerate certificates
Update README.md to reflect certificate generation
Add certificate generation
Add contribution docs on README.md
Initial satellite commit